Doctoral Teaching

Stochastic Dynamic Programming: Mathematical models and methods for making decisions in sequence and in the face of uncertainty. Quantitative approaches to making choices that are good now and into the future.

Master's Teaching

Optimization of Resources: Predictive and prescriptive analytics to guide the allocation of limited resources.
Supply Chain Management: Managing the production, storage, and distribution of goods across a network of suppliers.
Operations Management: Design, performance, and improvement of operations in manufacturing and service settings.
Advanced Analytics: Quantitative methods to transform data into insight for better decision making.

Undergraduate Teaching

Algorithms to Live By: Making math personal. What should we do (or not) in a day or a lifetime? What amount of new and familiar is most fulfilling? How much mess is ok? A course on thinking algorithmically, on learning about the fundamental structures of the problems we face, and ultimately on discovering something about ourselves.


Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award
MBA Faculty of the Year
Delta Sigma Pi Teaching Excellence Award
Justin C. Goodson